Bacterial Content


Splosht® is a concentrated microbial product containing billions of CFU’s 
(Colony Forming Units) of a unique blend of bacillus bacterial strains, packaged in water-dissolvable sachets.

Because an aquatic ecosystem has many types of organic materials, 
microbes are quite specific in their choice of food sources. For this reason, 
Splosht® contains various strains of beneficial bacteria to provide more 
consistent results. Water temperature should be at least 10°C/50°F and have a pH range of 6-8. Microbial activity is slower at lower temperatures and pH values outside this range. Splosht® has approximately 4 billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs) per gram consisting of:

• Ammonia (NH3) Utilising Bacteria

• Nitrate (N03) Utilising Bacteria

• Phosphorus Utilising Bacteria

• Hydrocarbon Degrading Bacteria

• Lignin/Cellulose Degrading Bacteria

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