Large Fishpond/Water Feature Pack

Splosht International


  • Cleans and maintains outdoor fishponds, fountains and water features naturally, safely and easily.

  • An easy and effective way of reducing algae, sludge and grime naturally.

  • Cleans from 40 to 3,500 gallons for three months.


Picking the right pack for the job

  • The Small Fishpond/Water Feature Pack is designed for outdoor water features and ponds from 10.5 up to 40 gallons.

  • The Large Fishpond/Water Feature Pack is designed for outdoor water features and ponds from 40 up to 3,500 gallons.

Using the Large pack for a smaller pond will not hurt your fish, but may cause the water to go brown.


Please read our Handy Hints For Success to create the best environment for Splosht to grow and naturally rid your pond of algae and sludge.

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